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🎉 Use WELCOME and Get Extra 10% Discount on Your First Purchase! 🎉 🚛🚛🚛🚛 Free Shipping On Orders $150 USD and Over 🚛🚛🚛🚛 💛❗❗❗ Your orders may be delayed due to COVID-19 Safety Restrictions ❗❗❗
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  • Sodium, cholesterol and fat are found in the patch.
    *No wastes were detected if only water was in contact, FDA Certification Available.
    The basic operating principles are the same, with the exception of menthol components.
    Watch out for similar items!
  • For fast and concentrated effect, daily use is recommended for a week.
    After the first week we recommend to use on a tired days when your legs are in ache or feet are swollen.
    You can use it whenever you want.
  • Due to the drastic temperature change, menthol in the sap patch evaporates and cooled again into a plastic.
    It is not a harmful substances nor contains as heavy metals.
    It is safe for you to use but please be careful when using it, as it may fall on the back of your clothes or in a bedding.
    Please, do not it the thread. It is not edible.
  • No. These patches are disposable.
    There are four packets in a box.
    It contains two attachment sheets and two fluid patches per packet.
    If you attach a patch to both feet, you can use it for four times a box.
  • First this product is Made in Korea and clinically tested and has FDA Certificates.
  • If you are a foreigner living in Korea, you can purchase this product from our website: www.meditherapy.co.kr
  • Use it with bare skin, after heating up to 131˚ Fahrenheit.
    This is a heat pack that lasts for 15 minutes at 107.6˚ Fahrenheit.
    However, there may be individual differences in the heat of moxa on body area.
    When you cover RELAX SPOT with an additional adhesive sheet, or with clothes or scarves, the eat perspiration lasts longer.
    In summer, due to external influences, you may feel a stronger heat if you have a sensitive skin.
    You may apply on top of thin clothing to prevent low-heat temperature burn.
  • An infant or anyone who cannot use this product on our won.
    If you are pregnant, has sensitive skin, or a child or an elderly person, or to have a disorder of blood circulation, please discuss with your doctor or pharmacist before the use.
    If you feel uncomfortable while using, for example feeling too hot, you MUST stop using it.
  • If you have bad muscle cramps, you may not feel the heat.
    Take your time and use it continuously.
    You will feel the heat eventually and see the effect of relaxening muscle after the use.
  • For the same area, we recommend not to use one time per day.
    But if there is an area that you like to relax, apply two to three RELAX SPOT around the area of the pain.
    We recommend that you attach the additional adhesive sheet for the better result.
  • No. Once the Relax Spot is used, it is not reusable. Please dispose after the use.
  • If you are a foreigner living in Korea, you can purchase this product from our website: www.meditherapy.co.kr
  • The SOKSAL PAD is made with natual ingredients yet we recommend you to use it on the body than a face.
  • The principle of the product is to remove dead skin cells by softening it.
    You may not see in a plain sight but the dead skin cells and wastes are removed.
  • This product is not a cleansing product, so you do not have to wash it off with water.
    We recommend you to use it as a body lotion substitution instead.
  • Container, Pads, and the ample.
  • If you are a foreigner living in Korea, you can purchase this product from our website: www.meditherapy.co.kr
  • To have a focused effect, daily use is recommended.
  • Sea salt shampoo is 99% natural shampoo.
    It's a combination of scalp cleanser and nutritious ingredients.
  • This product has been tested by the dermatologists and proven to be hypoallergenic.
    But if you scalp is very sensitive, use it with natural shampoo on a ratio of 1:1
  • Because the shampoo is made is sea salt, a natural ingredient, depending on the size of the salt, the pump may be clogged.
    If the pump is blocked by the grains of salt,we recommend you to cut 2~3mm with scissors.
  • If your hair is oily, there might be a chance that you need to wet your hair more.
    You need plenty of water for a full bubble since the oily hair doesn't absorb water.
    It has a bouncing nature, so it doesn't foam very well.
    If you have an oily hair,
    1. Use Sea Salt Shampoo on a wet hair.
    2. Pour a little water on the shampoo and froth it.
    3. Cleanse every corner of the scalp with more abundant foam!
  • If you are a foreigner living in Korea, you can purchase this product from our website: www.meditherapy.co.kr
  • HEALING COOL BODY is a single-use product.
    Once the product is peeled off, it cannot be reused.
  • HEALING COOL BODY was made for the body.
    Please use on problematic areas on the body only.
  • If you suffer from a known menthol sensitivity, please do a patch test for about five minutes before use.
  • The moisture inside hydrogel naturally starts evaporating due to contact with body heat.
    Leftover gel residue is normal.
    Please gently wipe the residue off with a wet wipe.
  • SOKSAL FINISHER is fine to use on the face but may cause the skin to react depending on the sensitivity level of the skin.
    Please especially refrain from using around the eyes.
  • After main use, the excess formula can be gently pat onto dry hair, nails, and elbows.
  • On average, the scent remains on the body for 3 to 4 hours.
    After the top note disappears, the musk base subtly lingers on the skin.
  • This product was created to especially treat the commonly exposed areas of the body (collarbone/shoulders/legs).
    Please use two or more if you wish to treat other exposed areas or the rest of the body!
  • Please, use it on your bare feet.
    However, if you wear socks and or shoes with them while engaging in excessive physical activity, the sap patch may get damaged.
    We recommend that you use the RELAX PATCH by itself.
  • Children and those unable to easily remove the product after use should not use this product.
    Please consult a physician before use if you're pregnant, a child with sensitive skin, elderly, and/or are known to have a circulatory disorder.
    To prevent low-temperature burns, please, stop use if you feel that the product is getting too hot.
  • Layer 2 starts heating up as soon as the packaging is opened.
    We recommend using it on both feet each time.
  • If your feet are tense with knots, you may not be able to immediately feel the heat.
    In that case, with regular use, heat therapy should help relieve the tension and you should see improvements.
  • No.
    RELAX PATCH cannot be reused after it heats up once.
  • The little black dots that can be found on the felt side of Layer 2 are not foreign substances.
    They are small traces of the patch content left over during production.
    This is not a defect and all ingredients have undergone safety tests.
    Please rest assured, the product is safe to be used!
  • SOKSAL BOOSTER was specially formulated as a body care product.
    We recommend you use it on your body and not your face.
  • The continuous heating effect helps release sweat and warms up your skin from deep within to aid in the effects of the treatment.
  • We recommend that you use it for 10 minutes every day to maintain the toned SOKSAL line of your body.
  • No, the BOOSTER should be treated as a moisturizer substitute and not a cleansing product.
  • The massager runs for 30 minutes each time regardless of whether it’s run in LO or HI mode.
    When it exceeds 30 minutes, to prevent overheating and for safety reasons, the timer inside the device gets activated and the device is powered off automatically.
    Please check the USER GUIDE for more detailed instructions.
  • Please make sure to continue to move the V Cup during the massage and avoid leaving it suctioned on one spot of your skin for a prolonged period. If you feel irritation, stop use immediately and apply V Serum to calm the skin.
  • V Serum is specially formulated to provide extraordinary moisture. All you need is a dime-size amount per massage.

    *Over 100 massages in one 30 ml container of serum.
  • The product V Cup was designed to provide strong, yet non-irritating suction on the skin. Long term use may cause the product to lose its shape or discoloration. We recommend switching out for a new product when possible.

    *However, if you have multiple usable V Cups, you can use two at a time as you see in the picture below!
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    Please note, Meditherapy is not responsible for lost, held packages especially if the
    delivery status shows as 'Delivered' or 'Notice Left.'

    For any lost package, please check the next FAQ regarding the Lost package.
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